5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg


Image of 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 500mg

This 10ml bottle is approx. 200 drops, each drop contains 2.5mg of CBD oil

Please note that our Oils are not designed to be smoked or vaped.

The Ingredients of our 5% CBD Oil are: THC-Free (PCR) Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil.
Recommend dose between 16 drops =40mg cbd and 80 drops = 200mg per day ( DO NOT exceed 200 mg) Space your dose out over the day to suit your lifestyle
Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing
Including PCR CBD to your daily diet boosts your bodies ECS giving it the ability to top up all regulatory systems such as your immune system enhancing the ability to fend off ailments before they arise.

All Purity’s products are Zero THC , none GMO, organic, pesticide-free and vegan
Incorporating Purity CBD products to your dietary rituals daily is an alternative way of stimulating your (ecs) endocannabinoid system for a contemporary take on wellbeing
This bottle is approx 200 drops each drop contains 2.5 mg of cbd Oil