40% Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Image of 40% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

5ml is approx 100 drops, each drop contains 20mg of CBD oil

Please note the 40% CBD Oils from Purity are not designed to be smoked or vaped.

The Ingredients of our 40% CBD Oil are: THC-Free (PCR) Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil.

Recommend dose between 2 drops = 40mg CBD and 10 drops = 200mg per day
(DO NOT exceed 200 mg) Space your dose out over the day to suit your lifestyle
Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Higher strength PCR CBD oils(above 25%)become viscous at room temperature because of the Purity and concentration of the PCR CBD and terpenes. This just means the oil has become thicker, similar to honey in cool storage. Therefore dosing through a dropper bottle becomes difficult, all that you need to do is stand said bottle with the lid “tightly secured” in warm water up to the top of the label for 30-60 seconds then remove and shake the bottle, then unscrew the lid and deliver an even dose with each drop. The water SHOULD NOT be boiling if it’s too hot to drink then it’s too hot to use.
Do not microwave the product!

All Purity’s products are Zero THC, none GMO, organic, pesticide-free and vegan.


Image of 40% Full Spectrum CBD Oil